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Tretus gets data in real time and evaluates it automatically. Thanks to this you will always have an up-to-date overview of what is happening on your projects.

It will help you to lower the risk of mistakes of your employees. Tretus will automatically evaluate the performance of duties and it will check the attendance. In case there are irregularities, it will notify the responsible people. It also allows a wide range of settings.

Simplify the communication. Record incidents. Connect security, cleaning and maintenance with Tretus and have everything firmly in your hands.

Benefits overview
Tretus efektivita


Automation, lowering the risk, overview and other functions to help you increase the efficiency of the team.

Tretus customer care

Customer care

It all starts with implementation. We will help you to get the maximum out of Tretus. Do you need new features? You shall have them.

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One data, one truth. Efficient and transparent communication will save you worries.

Tretus uspora


Tretus will help you to reduce the costs of controlling and managing your projects. Digitization pays off.

Tretus na míru


Wide range of customization makes Tretus a versatile tool suitable for control of security, cleaning, maintenance and other services.

Tretus snížení rizika

Risk Reduction

Tretus actively encourages your staff to perform their job. It alerts a guard to patrol, as well as a manager to solve a problem.

Tretus automatizace


Thanks to automatic data collection and evaluation, you will have FM firmly in your hands and you will save time.

Tretus přehled


All clear and in one place. Patrols, attendance, incidents and reports. Available anytime and anywhere. In addition, the most important things in your email and SMS.

Benefits confirmed by experience

Does it really work? Of course! Our realized projects are a proof of it.


Full control over
patrol activity

Complex of 3 buildings, where the VIP clients
are situated – classic patrol activity.



The client requested to improve the supervision of patrol activity of the security in complex of 3 buildings. The security is divided into 2 stations which are under one control room. In addition to security, the control room is also responsible for the building management. Until now, the control room could monitor the guards only via outdoor cameras. And in the garages and buildings the monitoring was possible only via checking the access system, which is not an effective way.



To have a system which will automatically evaluate the patrol activity and report the deficiencies to the workers in the control room. The workers in the control room will immediately verify and solve these deficiencies.


Tretus with specified details about patrols was used on this project. The deficiencies are reported to the workers in control room. The guard is randomly asked to do a patrol.



The guards have an overview of the checkpoints to be controlled in this large area, and at the same time, they can report found deficiencies, or other incidents directly to Tretus. The control room has automatically evaluated the course of the patrols. Tretus notifies them about too long and / or incomplete patrols, also if they are postponed or not performed. The workers of the control room reduced the reaction time for solving the problem and they increased the efficiency of their work. The manager obtained an overview of the work of his subordinates on this project.


Motivation to fulfil
necessary tasks

Project in energy segment. Cleaning
of dusty area after coal processing.



The client dealt with an issue with checking the cleaners. It was a large area with increased dustiness after coal processing. There were often problems with reporting cleaning by the customer. Because of the size of the object it was very difficult to check the employees.



To obtain an overview about the employees’ activity and in case of client’s doubts to have transparent and clear reports about cleaning.


Tretus was used as a digital checklist of the cleaning. NFC tags were installed on selected places. These chips were read by the employees via Tretus terminal at the beginning of the cleaning. After the cleaning they used the terminal to create photo report.



The manager of this project obtained an overview about the activity of the employees. He / she had control over the duration of individual works on selected sections. He / she was able to detect the effort of the employees not to fulfil their tasks (the employees cleaned a piece of the area which they then photographed as clean, manager then knew which part to go to check the work). Because they had to remove these defects, the employees were motivated to better performance. The project manager obtained the basis for the report about the activity for the customer.



Development for Client – improvement of the evidence of
attendance on projects of security and cleaning.



Client needed an effective tool to check attendance. They considered the reporting of worked hours non-transparent. Checking this issue was lengthy and it meant extra work for the HR.



Make checking the evidence of attendance more effective, which was not possible with the current system.


Development of new package of functions which automatically helped to track the set number of people in shifts and it helped to create documents for recording the attendance. In case of deviations, it warned the manager, who could react immediately.



The HR department increased the efficiency in processing and checking the attendance. In connection with other functions of Tretus, it helped the managers to increase the quality of services in projects and transparently report the work. After implementation the time for checking the timesheet and the quality of service on both the customer and client side minimized.

Client's experience

Who we helped so far


Michal Schiller

Project Manager

As a project manager, Tretus helps me to monitor the quality of our service on our projects. We have an effective tool that helps us to check and report the work of our employees. We can immediately detect any defects and shortcomings that are immediately sent to responsible people. Thus, we offer higher added value of our service to our customers. Thanks to Tretus we do not have to store unnecessary checklists and we have everything under control.


Martin Obdržálek

Chairman of the board
cba corporation a.s.

The supervision system of Tretus gives our managers a perfect tool, where with an active usage of all functions they can not only control keeping the set rules on the premises of the customer, but they can especially increase the efficiency of the services and further educate the guards. Thanks to the possibility of creating the access of the customer into the system we also established a closer cooperation with the representatives of the customers, we are "in the same boat“.

PO služby

Ľubomír Demoč

PO SLUŽBY Česká republika s.r.o.
PO služby

I dealt with monitoring the performance of the workers of assembly groups. The previous inspection was with the help of photos taken with the camera. Sorting the photos and repairing the cameras was time and cost demanding. After previous experience with Tretus I knew where to go. After consultation, we set up the system according to our needs. We obtained efficient solution for monitoring the performance of assembly groups in real time and we do not deal with unnecessary costs for repairing HW. Today, we use Tretus also for checking the course of the fire patrol. In addition to Tretus itself, I highly appreciate the willingness to cooperate on using new technologies and innovations.

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